Welcome to the website of Llandaff City Bowmen. Established in 1967, we are the only archery club in the Cardiff area with its own indoor and outdoor shooting ranges that can be used all year round. The club building comprises up to 12 (6 bosses) lane shooting range, spectator area, tea bar and (obviously) toilet.

We are a warm, welcoming and friendly club, and our aim is to enjoy (the emphasis is on enjoy) the sport of archery in its various disciplines. Our members shoot longbow, recurve barebow, recurve freestyle, compound bow and a few other more exotic bows.

Our normal club meeting times are:

  • Tuesday evenings; 7pm to 9pm   (this is also our beginner’s night)
  • Friday evenings; 7pm to 9pm   (on this night, some of our members stay later for archery games, e.g. archery darts, archery pontoon etc…).
  • Saturday afternoons; 2pm to 4pm. (This is primarily the junior’s session, but all members are welcome to attend).
  • Sunday afternoons; 4pm to 6pm   (sometimes staying later if the weather is good during the outdoor season).

Archers from other clubs are welcome to shoot with us on any of the above times. We are also open to new members, both experienced and new comers alike, although if you have never handled a bow before, we would prefer that you enrol in one of our “beginner’s courses”. See the “New Members/Guests” page for more details,

If you don’t know where we are and how to get to us, the “How to find us” page has all the details.





Members Please Note:
Club Membership fees are due in by the end of OCTOBER.


2016/2017   Committee members:

Honorary Lifetime President – Len Coker

Club Chairman :-  Chris Davies

Club Secretary :- Tracy Reece

Treasurer :- Henry Fray

Child Safety Officer :- Tracy Reece

Membership Secretary :- Chris Davies

Competition Secretary :- Tracy Reece

Equipment Officer :- Henry Fray

Webmaster :- Dr Charlotte Johnson

Coaches :- Tracy Reece, Alex Bradley, Henry Fray, Marc Travica