Members Info

Current Committee Members

Honorary Lifetime President –                                 Len Coker

Club Chairman: –                                                    Chris Davies                           
Club Treasurer and Equipment officer: –                Henry Fray                
Club, Membership, and Competition Secretary: –  Tracy Reece                   
Beginner’s Course Co-ordinator: –                         Teena Davies
Child Safety Officer: –                                             Tracy Reece
Co-Opted Trustee: –                                               Guy Heathcote
Webmaster: –                                                         Charlotte Johnson


Henry Fray, Chris Davies, Tracy Reece, Guy Heathcote, Charlotte Johnson


Tracy Reece, Henry Fray, Marc Travica, Chris Davies, Teena Davies, Simon Cox, Charlotte Johnson

Club Maintenance

There are many maintenance tasks coming up that need to be done in and around your club over the summer months in preparation for the next winter season. Would available and able-bodied members please see Henry for further information on what jobs need doing and to make arrangements for access etc.

Badge Embroidery

The Llandaff City Bowmen club badge embroidery service is available from:Cardiff Embroidery

Embroidered badge

For embroidered shirts, a £10 deposit will be required on ordering. The cost includes embroidery of the club badge as shown above. You may choose to have the badge on the chest pocket position, or on the upper arm of a sleeve. See Henry for more information and full cost, to place an order, or to try sample sizing. There will be an extra lettering cost e.g. to have LCB and/or your name printed on the back of the shirt. A country national flag of your choice could also be added, for extra cost, of course.

Embroidered patches for placement on your own clothing are also available for £5.